5 Questions with James Liebke: Massage Therapy Educator, Entrepreneur, and John Lennon Fan!

What made you want to become a massage therapist?

I used to run an agency that worked with adults that had sustained traumatic brain injuries. I was very involved with facilitating their post rehab therapies: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy. During this time I noticed that Massage Therapy was becoming more recognized by the medical community and also being incorporated into an individual’s rehab program and wanted to become involved in providing this adjunct therapy.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your role as a massage therapist?

Jim in character as ‘Mr. Greenspan’ in this year’s Elizabeth Grady School team building murder mystery dinner. Was he the one whodunit? Ask him about it in massage therapy class.

I am proud of several accomplishments that I have achieved as a massage therapist. Perhaps one of my proudest is knowing that I have helped many of my clients who are living with severe chronic pain. It is very rewarding to know that I have played a role in reducing that pain and assisting them in having a better quality of life.

Who was influential in your decision to become an instructor?

During my time as a massage therapy student at the Elizabeth Grady School, all of the instructors were wonderful and I enjoyed learning from each of them. My instructor, Natalie, was a great mentor and a major reason why I wanted to become an instructor.

What would you say to a potential student of massage therapy?

Massage is a great profession and there are many unique and exciting career opportunities available. I would recommend doing some research into the many and varied environments massage therapists practice in to find those that you find exciting, gratifying, and those that would be the fit for you.

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

John Lennon. I would like to pick his brain and hear his thoughts on life, music and the current state of the world today. I’m fascinated by what he might think and say.