5 QUESTIONS WITH Kelly Carpenter: MASSAGE THERAPY Instructor , Vocalist , AND self-taught guitar player.

What made you want to become a massage therapist?
I was in a serious car accident where I was rear-ended by a large moving truck and ended up with severe whiplash. I was given muscle relaxers, recommended to PT, and started chiropractic care as well.

Upon the recommendation of my chiropractor, I went for a massage. I immediately felt relief. The improvement I felt was so significant that I stopped taking the muscle relaxers, discontinued PT, and continued to  receive massage weekly and chiropractic care every other week.

I recovered in less than 3 months’ time and made a vow that when the opportunity came about I was going to learn the skills so that I could help others recover and heal from their injuries.

What positive impact has being a massage therapist had on your life as a whole?
Massage therapy has made me a better human being. I have woken up to a deeper level of understanding, empathy and compassion for others.

Who was influential in your decision to become an instructor?
One of my massage teachers influenced me to become an instructor. She was calm, compassionate, patient, kind, and empathetic. She was able to cultivate the best in me, and all of my classmates, and did very well to adapt to each of the students’ needs flawlessly. I hope I am half as good an instructor for you, as she was for me. In my opinion, she was the best instructor ever!

What would you say to a potential student of massage therapy?
You will see and experience many different things when you work this closely with people. You must build trust with your clients and when you do, they will open up in a way that will allow for healing. Always honor the trust they give you; hold it as sacred. At the same time, be mindful of yourself and your capabilities. It is a balance and you will learn that in time.

What is a favorite pastime?

17959698 – guitar music

Music! I am a vocalist and a self-taught guitar player. When I was in my 20’s I was in a band and I also traveled solo to Nashville, TN where I was signed to a record label for a short time. My grandmother was an operatic soprano and that is where my love of music comes from. Now I’m a karaoke star!