5 Questions with Marie Robledo: Inspired by Students, Cats, and Dogs

1. How long have you been working in the industry?

I have been an esthetician since 1994 and an esthetician instructor since 2008.

2. What is the most notable thing about being a teacher?

I have met many incredible people. I have seen students with such amazing talent, passion and determination to succeed. They inspire me.

3. How do you inspire your students?

I inspire my classes by shining light on all of the different choices they have as they embark on their new careers. There are so many options. Whether they choose to work in a salon or spa and provide skin care services, specialize in waxing, be a makeup artist, own their own business, or pursue product or technology sales, development, or education—their future is in their hands, it is bright, and it is rewarding.

4. How do you practice what you preach?
I cleanse daily alternating the EG Calming Cleanser with the EG Glycolic Cleanser, I use our Lavender Toner, our Recovery Serum, and our Hydrasurge Moisturizer. I also get monthly dermaplaning treatments for deeper exfoliation. Daily at-home skin care combined with monthly (at a minimum) treatments have made such a difference in the appearance and feel of my skin.

5. What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal would be the dog. I have always loved and felt a special connection to these kind souls. My two great passions are skin care and animal rescue.

I have been fostering dogs for about 10 years now. I am proud to have given a temporary home, food, and lots of love to countless dogs rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. They give me just as much love, or more, than I give them.

Recently I had the opportunity to join a rescue mission in Puerto Rico. Being on the front lines was so rewarding. Although it is sad to see so many homeless or abused animals, when they all rush to with such joy, the feeling is indescribable. It’s as if each dog and cat could sense that we were going to feed them, give them love, and ultimately take them off the streets and find them forever homes. Maybe the best way to describe it is that my heart was not only full, but it overflowed.