Meet Mrs. Dube: Movie Buff, Crocheter, Crafter and Esthetician Instructor.

How long have you worked for EG?
I have been an esthetician for 32 years. I studied Esthetics at the Elizabeth Grady School in 1986 and upon graduation, I immediately got a position with Elizabeth Grady. I began at the Chestnut Hill and Framingham locations, then secured a full-time position esthetician in the EG Andover salon for 18 years. Having had a very successful practice in Andover, after eleven years I decided that I wanted a new opportunity for growth and began teaching at our school while maintaining a part-time esthetics practice.

What positive impact has working as an esthetician and instructor had on your life?
Working with clients and performing skin care services is exciting and very gratifying. I love seeing the difference in my clients’ skins and seeing how happy they are… it is wonderful. After having my daughter, I decided to teach at the school full time. This has been inspiring because as I teach students how to perform facials and the science behind it, I feel that II continue to learn more each and every day. Leaving the salon was hard but I really feel my passion is in education. I love inspiring others to create healing and beautifying treatments for other with their knowledge, hands, and hearts.

If someone walked into your classroom, what would they see?
I love the challenge of the classroom. Every student learns differently and I try to incorporate different learning techniques. I find playing games is a fun way of getting the brain activated. It can be silly at times but it creates laughter and we have a lot of fun.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments in your role as an esthetics instructor?
I often encounter students in my class say that they hated science in high school or that they never did well and struggled. It is so satisfying when their experience is different at the Elizabeth Grady School and they have found the sciences interesting, that they learned a lot, and that they were successful! Graduates express they have discovered a new interest in the human body, how it relates to skin care, and their own health.

How do you practice what you preach?
I get to take advantage of working at the school and having facials and other treatments done with my students and colleagues. I am a big advocate of sunscreen use and keeping my skin out of the sun. I have even started wearing ‘summer scarves’ to keep my décolleté as young as possible, since this is one of the first areas to show signs of aging such as hyperpigmentation and creping. I have a very simple home care regimen. I use an Elizabeth Grady Cleanser, Toner and SPF Moisturizer during the day and a richer cream at night. I believe drinking plenty of water is the best ‘skin care product’ and it costs nothing.

What is your favorite pastime?
I just took up crocheting. I thought this was something only your grandmother did. I love using my hands and creating things. For some reason it is so satisfying. I love scarves and shawls and decided I would save money if I just made them myself.

What is your favorite movie?

Dirty Dancing. I just love the chemistry between Baby and Johnny. It takes you back to another more exciting and innocent time. I also love anything to do with murder mysteries, crime dramas, and documentaries on true crime. You will find me watching anything of that nature, especially on Netflix, oh and I am usually crocheting while watching.

What is your favorite book?
I am an avid reader and I love murder mysteries, crime dramas, and true crime. Stephen King is my all-time favorite.