Adult Acne- Causes and Treatments

Thought acne only sprung up on your face during your awkward teen years? Think again—adult acne is actually a very common (and frustrating) condition that affects many men and women far beyond adolescence. There are many thirty, forty, and fifty somethings who had perfect skin during their youth, but struggle with breakouts, blackouts, and blemishes.

But why, you ask?!

The most common culprit is stress.  When we are stressed, our bodies produce androgenic hormones which in-turn stimulate the oil glands in the skin. Manage your stress through a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. Choose activities that help you to relax. Drink some mint tea, do a few yoga poses, or read a book– any healthy form of relaxation will help to counter the negative effects of stress.

Fluctuating hormones can also lead to breakouts. Sorry ladies—it is inevitably more common for women to have adult acne because of the fluctuating hormones that occur around your period, during pregnancy, menopause, and starting (or stopping) birth control. Other hormonal medications and medications that influence hormones and brain chemicals may also be a factor.

Genes. Now you can blame your mom (or dad) for something else- your acne! Families with a history of acne make it far more probable that this trait maycarry over, generation to generation.

Managing your skin problems with regular facials in addition to hydrating and healing skin care products are a must. Try Elizabeth Grady’s Clear Complexion Facial and while you are at the salon, your expertly trained, licensed esthetician will recommend a customized skin care regimen for you to follow daily.

Lastly, don’t forget to eat healthy diet rich in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Although studies don’t provide a direct link between diet and acne, diet and stress are certainly linked. Reduce your stress, improve your skin. Check out our Seasons Change, Skins Change blog for information on seasonall changes in the skin as well as nutritional guidelines for healthy skin.