Amazing Grace-full Aging

Estheticians are constantly being asked for advice about skin care. You may be reading this because you too seek solutions to the problems you experience with your skin. Like many of us concerned with aging, you may “simply” seek the secret passageway and password to access the fountain of youth.

What You Can Do To Prevent Aging

In response to these inquiries of how to retain that youthful glow, I often find myself spouting off several recommendations. Monthly facials, series of microdermabrasion treatments, sunscreen, and EG’s Mineral Complex Serum and Cream are a few.

Don’t forget your body! The list of recommendations continue: regular full body massage, body exfoliation treatments, and EG’s Body Balm.

I would be amiss not to mention the important contribution that a nutrient rich diet of whole foods, plentiful intake of water, and physical fitness makes to one’s youthful appearance. Moreover, although I do recommend these treatments and healthy lifestyle habits to combat the signs of aging, I am reminded of what my Grandma Jones told me as a child.

“How old are you, Grandma?” I would ask.

“Age is a state of mind”, she would say. Never once did she respond with a number.

As I get older (numerically) I find myself spending time contemplating time with others doing the same. As I look around at these faces, it seems that state-of-mind does contribute to maintaining that youthful glow! Perhaps aging gracefully may have more to do with recapturing our youth by not allowing a number to dictate our life experiences, attitudes, and self-images. Perhaps the elusive fountain of youth is not out there to find, but within.