first-time facial: what to expect

First time having a facial? Well, you’re in for a treat! Here’s your guide on what to expect when you visit the skincare specialists at Elizabeth Grady. 

1)      An expert skin assessment

Your esthetician will literally have an eagle-eye view of your skin. They’ll be able to asses whether you’re dehydrated, dry, congested, over-producing oil, or showing signs of sensitivity. They can immediately spot problem areas to focus on and areas to avoid. Your esthetician will also ask you questions about your diet, work and home environments, and stress level. These all play a role in the health and happiness of your skin.FACIAL_3

2)      A deep clean you can’t get at home

Healthy skin starts with clean skin. Your esthetician will remove makeup, dirt, and debris with our signature cleansing method—we’re known for our moves! Later, they will perform extra-gentle extractions on clogged pores filled with stubborn oil and dead skin, followed by a high frequency treatment using light therapy to disinfect skin. A good, deep clean will invigorate the skin, improve circulation and prepare it for what’s next. 


High frequency light therapy is used after extractions.

3)      Professional exfoliation

Depending on your skin type, your esthetician will choose a method to gently remove old, dull skin cells and reveal healthy younger ones. We use everything from papaya enzymes, rice extracts, and professional microdermabrasion to achieve incredible results. 

4)      Rejuvenating facial massage

Do you clench your jaw, furrow your brow, and squint at a computer screen? Many of us don’t realize how much stress we carry in our faces! (Did you know that along with your fingers and toes your head and face is one of the most sensitive areas of your body?) Your esthetician will not only give your skin a deep, invigorating cleanse, they will also relieve any stress and tension you are holding in your facial muscles—they will be able to feel it!  If you’ve never had a facial massage, it is simply a revelation. 

Facial Massage Fanning

Your esthetician will customize your massage based on your skin’s needs.

5)       Blissful relaxation

We love to put the “ahh” in spa—gentle massage, subtle aromatherapy, and the soothing effect of touch therapy. We also love to believe that time taken to care for yourself is time taken to care for those around you. If you feel and look your best, your friends and family will feel it too. Use this time as an opportunity to unplug and unwind. You deserve it!

6)       Home-care recommendations

Your esthetician will analyze your skin throughout the facial and make recommendations for products and future services. A professional home-care regimen will help you achieve the best results possible over time. This includes a 3-step system of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, plus any treatment products like a serum or an exfoliant.

Take the first step towards better skin and book your appointment today. Call 781-960-0126 for appointments at our student clinic, or click here to find your nearest Elizabeth Grady salon location.

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