Massage Therapy Teacher Feature: 5 Questions for Andrew Jurdan, LMT and Instructor

How long have you been practicing massage therapy?
I have been practicing massage therapy since 1996.

What positive impact has being a massage therapist had on your life as a whole?
Being a massage therapist has definitely had a positive impact on my life as a whole. Learning to support my clients and their goals helps me support myself and my goals; taking care of myself helps me be present for my clients.

What is something valuable that you have learned in massage therapy school that continues to be an important part of your daily practice?
I learned in massage therapy school that knowledge is provisional. Challenging ourselves to continually update our understanding of best practices allows us to better serve our clients.

What do you do in your wellness and self-care practices that you recommend to your students?
Learning to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally is an important part of being massage therapists. Finding ways to appropriately challenge our limits can be helpful. For me, I enjoy the challenge of rock climbing and hiking and feel it helps me condition myself for the physical, mental, and emotional work of massage therapy.

What is your favorite song, book, movie, place, or pastime?
I enjoy exploring new music, books, places, etc; life is too short for favorites.