Nail Check

Ok, we know nail art is the biggest thing going right now. Unfortunately, when you are using your hands to massage someone, cleanse their skin, or wax their bikini line, it’s probably not a great idea to have long, fuchsia nails with glittered palm trees on them. They could scratch or irritate someone’s skin easily. Plus, they are hard to maintain. No one wants chipped nails inching towards their face. It’s just not pretty.

Your hands are your calling card. Keep them looking great with these tips:

  • Trim your nails so that they don’t peak over the tip of your finger. Err on the shorter side. You are less likely to scratch someone, which could lead to possible scarring.
  • Use a nail brush to remove any dirt from under your nails.
  • Keep a nail file with you in your pocket at all times. You can do quick touch-ups in between clients.
  • You can use a nude or pale pink polish, but be aware of chipping. If your nails constantly chip, keep them bare. Note that pale polish is prone to discoloration. Make sure to change your polish regularly if you notice it turning a bit yellow.
  • Invest in good nail care products, like cuticle cream and hand treatments. We recommend Elizabeth Grady’s Hand Silk.

If you can’t give up your weekly trips to the nail salon, that’s OK! They can help you keep your nails looking their best (just remember the natural polish rule).

Let’s recap: keep ‘em short, keep ‘em natural, keep ’em clean.

PS: No one said you can’t have a colorful, glittery, completely over-the-top pedicure!


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