Your Personal Style

personal style: be authentic. be consistent.

We are all individuals. I love my ombré hair and green-rimmed glasses. You might love your short pixie cut and signature red lipstick. Whatever your look is, there are two things every esthetician and massage therapist should keep in mind: be authentic and be consistent.

be authentic

It’s a fine balance. Having a signature look is great! If you can rock tattoos and a funky haircut and your clients dig it, then fabulous. However, if you’ve been wearing natural makeup for years and it’s a look your clients gravitate to, they might be a little confused when you suddenly start experimenting with every trend under the rainbow.

It takes a little time and effort to find what works for you. But when you discover what makes you feel confident, work it!

be consistent

Think about it this way: a client comes to see you once a month. They should recognize you. If you are constantly changing your look or are pulled together one day and sloppy the next, your clients could feel that they don’t really know you. It might seem insignificant, but an inconsistent appearance can lose you clients and money.

Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t do what you want with your style. We are all walking examples of self expression—and that’s a beautiful thing! Just keep your clients in mind when you are thinking about drastic changes to your appearance.

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