Pursuing Happiness

I looked out the window of my fifth floor office today at blue sky, green trees and light. The warm sunshine translated into fragments of color as it reflected off roof tops, trees, and the earth below. I found myself smiling ear to ear, simply happy to be witnessing the joys of summer.

I am reminded how good it feels. Not just the sunshine and witnessing beauty, but the happiness part. It feels so good to be happy.

Every time a new class begins at Elizabeth Grady, a question is posed: “Why did you choose a new career as a massage therapist or esthetician?”

Responses are often similar: “I like helping people feel better… It’s satisfying bringing out someone’s beauty…It’s something I’ve always loved. I remember as a child I…I’m looking to pursue something I’ve always had an interest in that gives me flexibility so I can work and take care of my family.”

The reasons students attend a massage therapy or esthetics program at Elizabeth Grady are many and varied, but the one common denominator they share is…

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Massage therapists are happy to witness their client return to good health after an injury because of their assistance. Estheticians are happy when they see a client, who struggled with skin problems, look in the mirror and smile because they helped facilitate healing. Makeup artists are happy when a woman, on one of the most important days of her life, puts on that white dress and veil and feels like the most beautiful woman alive.

We all desire that moment in our professional lives when our faces are overcome by smiles, that moment when we recognize that what we do makes a difference in not only others’ lives, but in our own lives because it brings us joy.

It is the moment when a student becomes more motivated by the pursuit of happiness rather than their fears that makes me smile.


-Cate Tool

Therapeutic Massage and Esthetics Classes are scheduled to begin in September and October, 2015. Detailed schedules can be found at http://elizabethgrady.edu/schedule.html   You may also phone Admissions at 781-960-0123 to schedule a tour or email admissions@elizabethgrady.com

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