Is your skin care routine missing toner?

Ask any esthetician the three most important steps in a skin care routine and she’ll tell you it’s cleanse, tone and moisturize. Cleansing and moisturizing are pretty self-explanatory, but the concept of toning is a little vague.

When you think of toner, you might remember those strong-smelling, stinging liquids you used to wipe over your face as a teen with acne. They probably didn’t do much except dry out your skin – but today’s toners are much different.

Now, most beneficial toners aren’t formulated with the harsh, drying ingredients that many brands used to rely on. Elizabeth Grady’s Lavender Hydrating Lotion and Almond Clarifying Lotion rely on hydrating, soothing ingredients like lavender and saccharides to provide the following benefits:

* Remove leftover oil, dirt and residue after cleansing. This ensures that the skin feels clean and pores won’t get clogged.

* Add beneficial ingredients like aspartic acid or witch hazel to gently condition or disinfect the skin.

* Replenish moisture lost through cleansing, making the skin softer and more readily able to absorb the active ingredients in your serums and moisturizers.

* Rebalance the skin’s pH. Healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH, which can be disrupted by cleanser or tap water. Toner ensures that your skin keeps its acid mantle intact, preventing blemishes.

* Refresh and soothe the skin.

If you haven’t added a toner to your skin care routine yet, now’s the time to see what you’ve been missing. Just apply a few drops to a cotton pad and wipe over your face in gentle, upward strokes after cleansing in the morning and at night. Apply your serum and moisturizer on top.

Soon, you’ll see why our toners are some of Elizabeth Grady’s most popular products that people simply can’t do without.