Skin like a Lion or that of a Lamb?

I don’t have a lot of crystal clear memories from my childhood, but I do remember this one. I was eight. It was a Wednesday in March.

Wednesday was the much anticipated day of the week that the third grade class at Monroe Elementary School had Art! Mrs.Wright wheeled her art cart into a classroom filled with 16 students of the future graduating class of 1986.

The lesson?

“Children, did you know this about March? It comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?”

Next thing we know, there we were, cutting brown construction paper into jagged, three-dimensional tufts of mane to frame a ferocious lion head with sharp fangs to match. This was contrasted by the round, soft cotton balls pasted onto the same paper alongside the lion. The mass of cotton resembled a cloud with four black legs attached.

Years later (who’s counting how many) I have become very aware of the ferocious prologue of March with its wind, snow, and desire to hold on to sub-freezing temperatures. Frankly, I don’t like it—and I certainly don’t like what it does to my skin. My lips are chapped, my skin is tight, and my face hurts.

Thankfully I have also become very aware that there are things I can do about my dry, cracked, painful skin. Professional facials that include gentle exfoliation, massage, and hydrating facial treatments remedy my symptoms leaving my skin moist, hydrated and soft.

Bio-cellulose masks, collagen sheets, and line-reducing eye treatments are some of my favorite springtime treatments that give me the refreshing pick-me-up that I so desperately need right now.

So if the cruelty of March has gotten you down, let the moisture of a mask, the relaxation of a massage, and the kindness of your esthetician leave you feeling youthful like a lamb.