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Something that I value on a day to day basis are my eyelashes. I’ve gotten compliments about them, sometimes they’re even mistaken for false eyelashes (although I frequent those from time to time!). I’d like to share my beauty tips and routines regarding these under appreciated appendages.

To me, eyelashes are just like any other part of our body in that they need to be nourished from the beginning in order to look their best. Just like your hair, nails and skin, you need to start with the basics when caring for them. I’ve tried using the product Latisse and absolutely loved the results but as a full-time student working a part-time job I decided that it wasn’t something that I wanted to re-up on. This is when I began my research for cheaper alternatives because who doesn’t love a deal? I found out that a simple and cheap solution would do the job–Vitamin E oil. The one I prefer is CVS brand, and is around $5.00. Every night I take a Q-tip, dip it in the oil and CAREFULLY apply a thin layer to the base of my eyelashes on the top and bottom. It’s that easy! You should notice results within a couple weeks to a month and the best part is that if you miss a day, you don’t necessarily miss results.

Now that your eyelashes are conditioned, mascara can be used to finish the job. I strongly prefer to at least wear mascara on a day even when makeup isn’t necessary because it highlights your eyes. Since I’m always in search of the best drugstore makeup, I came across Maybelline Lash Sensational in Brownish Black. It’s about $8.00 at CVS (less if you use your CVS card). I’ve re-purchased this mascara about two times already because I love it that much. To me, its the prepping of the lashes that makes the most difference and splurging on expensive mascara isn’t necessary. Before applying I use an eyelash curler, mine is Mary Kay brand but you can get almost any brand, and hold for about 10-15 seconds. I then apply about two coats, more if a dramatic look is desired, of Maybelline mascara using back and forth motions. Sometimes after letting the lashes dry, I curl again. Finally, using a black eyeliner pencil I fill in the upper water line to make the lashes appear fuller. If you’re planning on wearing false lashes as well, I find that it’s best to apply them after you’ve applied your mascara. This way the lashes blend better and it also allows you to re-wear the falsies since they won’t be covered in mascara.


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